Your passion is our inspiration

Artful elegance by Wolff Blitz Interior. A Rotterdam-based interior brand with a sustainable approach to craftsmanship.

Wolff Blitz Interior creates custom handmade furniture with unique designs. Our inspiration comes from your uniqueness and passion, whether it’s art, music, sports, flora, and/or fauna.
We translate this into exclusive designs and patterns, which are printed on the finest fabrics, certified with environmental friendly guarantee.

We are enticing you to dream, to dose off, put your feet up and stretch out, to collect your thoughts, to snuggle, or simply to enjoy your life to the fullest…

It’s time to give your home a personal touch. Choose your print and get inspired.

Our philosophy

Wolff Blitz Interior produces homestyling products inspired by art. We don’t just make furniture; we bring art into your home!

We add value to your interior, inspired by artful designs and unique patterns. We have built our products with care and durability.

”Wolff Blitz Interior makes ARTfully handcrafted furniture for your interior”.

Attention to detail and quality

To “mind the details” would be an understatement, it is our passion to perfect them when and wherever possible. We pride ourselves in always sourcing local talent and pay them their money’s worth. Each printed fabric and each stitch supports new jobs for people in our local community, this goes all the way up to the physical presentation at our flagship store and on our webshop

Our designs and patterns are printed on fabric of the highest quality, with a guarantee of environmental friendliness and it’s waterproof. 

We check every product through a predefined quality scheme. Only if a product is approved at all points will it actually be included in our product assortment.

We create designs that are sustainable and composed with care. ‘’Wolff Blitz Interior cares about the future’’.

Our Brandstore in Rotterdam

The store on Nieuwe Binnenweg is the beating heart of Wolff Blitz Interior. We offer one of the most unique and personal showroom experiences in Rotterdam. With excitement and diversity at every turn, our inspirational designs display a range from ultra-modern designs to timeless classics and everything in between.

Our showroom is just a small glimpse into our extensive portfolio, all crafted with the utmost care by our design team. There’s so much more to discover, ready to be tailored to art in your home.

You’re welcome to pop in at any time and be inspired by our diverse range of designs and products.

At this moment you can visit our showroom at any time. Visit our store in Rotterdam to get a taste of the Wolff Blitz experience.